Job Idea – Internet Jobs In A Knowledge Economy

Creative tasks like programming and self improvement by education (MOOC) has become very popular during recent years. I imagine this has given rise to a unfulfilled knowledge demand. I imagine that not every amateur project is even begun because of the lack of knowledge. With Internet there is no reason why this should be true. My suggestion is therefore that people could get paid as online help assistants. The idea is that knowledge of a topic is divided to many subtopics. Each subtopic is then handled by the assistants. They then keep their knowledge of the topic up to date. Maybe each assistant has his own particular book to cover.

So the idea is that people could sell their knowledge as an expert in a book. Because there are millions of different books there should exist plenty of job opportunities.

Another topic would be Machine Learning. Here there is a huge lack of public knowledge. Maybe there could then exist an online learning hub just for that. Paid access to this hub for a month would surly be worth it.

For the Internet services to become popular there has got to be an easy way to pay for them. Here is a need for something like Google Play For Services as easy payment.

Job Idea – Internet Jobs In A Knowledge Economy