Income Idea For Linux Software – Interactive Information

This is just food for thought. As an income generating idea for Linux software or projects. Like the Ubuntu MATE or the Linux Mint distribution I’m currently running. I thought why not turn some of the documentation to an interactive tutorial. Then to earn some money why not make an Android application of it. The application “Learn Python” from SoloLearn is a perfect example of how one could do this. So the idea is very simple. Since people behind these distributions and other Linux software make documentation. They could also make an Interactive Tutorial Application for Android and then maybe charge a little money for that. I’m pretty sure this is an easier way to get funding rather then by donations only.

One can also speculate if interactive information or courses will take over from reading a lot of documentation. I guess this could be because memory retention is better that way.

Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?

The idea is simple. To protect the expensive solar panels against the elements and possibly vandalism. Why not no add an outer transparent construction for them. With this you could have both a sloping outer surface and at the same time keep the solar panels horizontal inside. The slope will make it easier for snow and water to flow off and not to block the sunshine. The disadvantage which will vary is the performance loss because of an additional absorbing layer. The transparency is probably not a 100%. Overall I think this might be a good idea to keep the solar panels in a transparent container since it will give them a longer life expectancy.

Further if the outer cage or container is strong enough. You could walk on the solar panels which might be useful.

Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?
Idea – Transparent Outer Container For Solar Panels?


Idea – Using Energy To Enhance Patient Recovery?

The idea is simple and perhaps not expected. Taken from my own experience when I didn’t feel well. I used a Heat Fan (low effect) to enhance the impact of lying in bed. Directing the flow of warm air towards the chest area. My concentration went up at the same time my body could completely relax. I think the relax part of the recovery is very important. But its a waste of time to listen to relax tapes if you are using your own energy to keep warm. I think forced convection is really the best you can get. Therefore I wonder if one could have this option in hospitals. Just open a window once in a while to let the extra heat out. Even if this energy cost it will still cut costs if it works as expected. I believe this idea is worth the research.

Idea – Innovating The Simple Calculator, Undo Button

I thought I innovate the simple calculator today. My idea is simple. Why not add an Undo Button on calculators? The button is suppose to work like any other undo function in computer software. When pressed the calculator will reverse back the previous action. So if you accidentally pressed the equal button to early you can reverse that.

Idea – Innovating The Simple Calculator, Undo Button

Idea – Computer Chip Aided Tree Farming?

I was thinking. What alternatives are there to genetic modifications of crops. What if you could alter everything anyway. How would you do this? There have been articles about using little robotic medicine pills for a while now. Inspired by that. What if we could make cyborg plants. Since it will probably cost a lot in the beginning I thought why not focus on trees. Maybe we could make them grow faster and better with computer chips. What if the trees chemical food could also come from an outside container. The tree is then tricked by the chip to make use of that substance. Even if every tree is a little different a machine learning chip could adapt. We need trees for a sustainable future. Therefore I think this idea is worth the research.

Idea – An Online Math Academy Website A Solution To Computer Based Math

Actually Computer Based Math is a good idea. However if you want to enhance math education. Don’t replace handwritten math with computers. Simply add another subject. So you have both handwritten and computer based math. The reason is since the tools of the brain are the hands and because the brain takes input from everything. Think neural networks. Understanding may come from different forms. Basically I guess the brain takes advantage of different memory capacities. Also additional Computer Based Math courses online would impose less risk.

On a website I imagine we can have many assignments and projects and because Mathematica is somewhat like a programming language then software could verify the code. Like it does in online programming courses.



Idea – Icons To Remember The Basic Programming Functions

The idea is simple. Learning a language as a novice can be difficult. I therefore wonder if we can make it easier for them. Maybe its easy as associate an image or icon with the keywords. So for the control flow statement ‘for’ I made a quick example icon. Here ‘i’ is the variable that goes from start to end and ‘for’ is the keyword. Further I think you should involve your own creativity. Possibly you could make your own personal icon for the keywords and get a better memory retention as a result.

Idea – Icons To Remember The Basic Programming Functions?

Idea – A Competition For Useful UI’s For Search Engines?

Since we have many talented programmers in the world. Why not create a user interface challenge competition for a Internet search engine . My solution to selecting the best default UI would be where the user had the possibility to change the interface to many of the submitted. This would be done in a testing environment. With ongoing statistics the programmer could then change things to make the interface effortless, practical and smart. I think this evolution like approach would give the best results. Some features I came up with for a UI were.

Similar Page Search. Here you select your search link and the let the server find similar pages. The similarity could be in the text or images.

Keyword Search Panel. A panel where you could select the searches to store for later use.

Search Profile. Here you could select another search profile. Maybe an expert of soccer or some other sport. This would make it easier to find expert info.

Idea – Web Academy Career Path Inventor

The idea is simple. Many of the startups I have read about have innovative services. I don’t think that is enough. We also need new inventions. To get us through the tough times ahead. My suggestion is therefore that we start to grow potential inventors right away. With the Internet a potential Nikola Tesla can be trained anywhere on the planet. An educational website with self paced courses dedicated to training inventors would then be almost to good to be true.

Idea – Web Academy Career Path Inventor

Idea – The Many Cell Mobile Phone Battery System

I wonder what benefits many cell system have over single battery cell systems. Since Tesla has a car with 7000 cells. Surely there has got to be many benefits. My idea is then that mobile device like the smartphone or wearable device also is equipped with a multi or many cell system. This means that the battery inside your phone would then be built of many smaller cells. I believe that one benefit would be that the battery still works even if one cell goes bad. This would then extend the life of the battery system. Another advantage would be parallel charging where you could charge much faster.

Idea – The Many Cell Mobile Phone Battery System

Idea – Simple Way To Make Books Easier To Read

Using feeling based optimization. I figured out how one could make a simple alteration to books to make them much easier to read. I don’t read that many books because my eyes feel strained. I interpret the feeling I get that my brain doesn’t like to focus on a whole page of text. So the idea is to visually cut the text into smaller pieces. I did this by simply making three lines that cut the page text into an equal amounts.  The size of the piece was what I felt was near the maximum I could focus on. I also made the lines longer than the text area so my brain would have an easy time to home in on where I was in the text. I guess the brain just remembers what line it was and the distance up or down from that.

From all of this I draw the conclusion that we have an optimal width and height limitation of the text area we are about to read.

Below is the example I made in a paper book. For the web and software on tablets or phones I think one could easily implement such a feature. Here you could also make the size of the pieces variable so to fit the reader.

Idea – Simple Way To Make Books Easier To Read On Tablets, Phones Or Like This In A Paper Book

Idea – User Translations For Educational Websites

The idea is simple. I have written before an idea that it would be good if the user could input their own translations of written text of english software. Similarly it should be possible that the user with his online account could store changes to webpages. So my idea is that for webpages like and similar. You could make your own translations of the text. These translations among many others could then be optionally made public. So others who don’t read English that well could follow the person and view his translated text on the webpage.

To sync the webpage text and the translation. I guess you need a version system. So when the webowner changes the text the version gets updated and translators get notified.


Idea – Instead Of Wires, Wireless Power And Communication For Electronic Components?

Looking at kits where they create robots. I wonder if they can be simplified with wireless power and wireless communication. Maybe the power could be from wireless induction and the signal or mini power from Wifi. This way they don’t need all those wires to work. The robot exterior could then be streamlined.

For the assembly of electronics maybe this could make things much easier and fault tolerant. No broken soldering and more.

So each component would then have a little wireless chip and an induction receiver.

Idea – Instead Of Wires, Wireless Power And Communication For Electronic Components?

Idea – Photo Frames For Computer Monitors?

The idea is simple. Why not sell computer monitors that are ready for photo frames in different styles and colors. I think this could make the monitor match the rest of the apartment or office. So the idea is to come to some agreement on the way the monitor photo frame is attached. Maybe the solution is simple. For instance one could have a large frame with different inside frames.   Anyway I think the computer monitor is way to boring (only black) and needs a personal touch.

Idea – Photo Frames For Computer Monitors?

Idea – Solar Carpentry Shop And Service Station In A Box?

This idea is inspired by Farm From A Box, . It’s really a very innovative idea and lightened my day. After reading about that I thought why not a solar powered car/motorcycle service station or a solar wood carpentry shop. Maybe in containers or prefab buildings. If you can transport something similar to rural places or refugee camps then we will begin to get a modern refugee plan of action.

Job Idea – Internet Jobs In A Knowledge Economy

Creative tasks like programming and self improvement by education (MOOC) has become very popular during recent years. I imagine this has given rise to a unfulfilled knowledge demand. I imagine that not every amateur project is even begun because of the lack of knowledge. With Internet there is no reason why this should be true. My suggestion is therefore that people could get paid as online help assistants. The idea is that knowledge of a topic is divided to many subtopics. Each subtopic is then handled by the assistants. They then keep their knowledge of the topic up to date. Maybe each assistant has his own particular book to cover.

So the idea is that people could sell their knowledge as an expert in a book. Because there are millions of different books there should exist plenty of job opportunities.

Another topic would be Machine Learning. Here there is a huge lack of public knowledge. Maybe there could then exist an online learning hub just for that. Paid access to this hub for a month would surly be worth it.

For the Internet services to become popular there has got to be an easy way to pay for them. Here is a need for something like Google Play For Services as easy payment.

Job Idea – Internet Jobs In A Knowledge Economy

Idea – Phone Calls Even If There Is No Network Or You Lost Your Phone

The idea is simple. This week my phone company network had a two day breakdown in my area. I could not make or receive calls. However since we now have smartphones there is almost always a possibility to connect to the Internet. So the idea is to connect to my phone account through the Internet instead. With an application on the phone I would then only need to turn on the Wifi and be able to make calls as usual. Even if the network is down. Also if you loose the phone, it gets stolen or you break it. It should then be possible to log in and make sms, calls and so on from a browser.

Idea – Phone Calls Even If There Is No Network Or You Lost Your Phone

Idea – Emergency Employment For Refugees

I think we need to consider a build up of an emergency employment capacity in the world. The idea is to make use of both money and the working capacity of the refugees. For a large refugee camp you probably need a distribution of companies, shops, services and factories. In short you need a lot of employment possibilities. Even if some companies won’t generate a profit. Any income generated under these circumstances is better than nothing. So the idea is to help companies that can turn a working capacity into money  for the refugees.

Another idea inspired by Africa and Turkey is to take advantage of drought resistant potatoes that possibly can be grown in bags. I thought maybe these could generate a little income for refugees in those large camps.

Idea – Everything Is A Battery

Since you can store a lot heat in many materials they can act as a battery if you only know how to turn heat to electricity efficiently. The reason to develop heat to electricity capacity would be the very low cost of the energy storage.

My idea is to use a magnetic fluid to turn a temperature difference to electricity. The temperature difference I imagine could be created using heat pumps to create the very hot side and the very cold side. For the electricity generating invention I took inspiration from the lava lamp. Hot fluid rises to the top and gets replaced by colder fluid. I therefore wonder if you can have a magnetic fluid that moves between a hot and cold places. Since its magnetic it can then induce a current in the wire coil.

Idea – Using a magnetic fluid to generate electricity from a temperature difference

Idea – Program An Almost Finished Game As An Educational Entertainment Project

The idea is simple. Games takes many man hours to make. So why not sell almost finished games for the user to fix. This way the user does’t need to make a game from scratch. They way I imagine it could work is if the problems left undone in the half finished game are intentional. The aim is then that the user will get the game to work with tutorials and thereby learn a lot along the way.

This idea can also be made to fit the users experience if you make the game modular. Here you first you fix the minimum requirement of the game. The bare game will then be able to run but different levels of the game are left out. Those will require more of you as a programmer when developing the missing parts.

Even big 3D shooters can be made as an educational project. Here you don’t need to compile the software. Instead an autograder compares the code written by the user with the working source code. If it passes the tests then that part of the game is unlocked.