Idea – CPU Web Cores For An Hardware Accelerated Web

Judging from the history of video games. Games have gone from simple text based adventures to advanced 3D super games. With that people are willing to pay more. Inspired by this, the idea is simple. Games took off when we got 3D acceleration. Similary we need hardware acceleration for the web experience also. The solution should be open source so that people sitting infront of Linux, Mac or Windows all can share the same experience. One obvoius benefit of acceleration is that ads won’t slow down the page rendering. I belive this idea is needed and will generate a lot of jobs both on the hardware side and then on the software side.

Idea – CPU Web Cores For An Hardware Accelerated Web

Idea – Should There Exist Multi Junction Peltier Elements?

The guess is simple. Since there exist multi junction solar cells and even if they are not the same as Peltier elements. Should there not exist multi junction thermoelectric devices? I would argue that there should be more research to improve the Peltier element. The usual device is very small compared to a solar panel. A more complex construction should therefore be possible.

Idea – Controlled Alloy Distribution In Metal 3D Printing?

This is speculation on my part. With metal 3D printing couldn’t you alternate steel with different carbon percentages to get optimized properties. Different constructions would then have different distributions. So the idea is that with a 3D printing machine you  could choose between different steel powders with different properties.

Idea – Controlled Alloy Distribution In Metal 3D Printing?

Idea – A Different Way To Find The Answer To A Question

The idea is simple. Use more of the brain to find the answer to a question. What I mean is when you get a question in school for instance you also write down the question and speak it to yourself. Thereby your brain has formulated the question in different forms. Since the brain acts somewhat like machine learning it will take information from whatever is possible. Some of that decision processing will be automatic. With this you will have an easier time solving any question using your ordinary methods. In addition to this write down keywords as they come to your mind when solving the question. This will help your brain if it gets lost.

Idea – A Different Way To Find The Answer To A Question

Idea – Match Value

The purpose of the matching idea is that perhaps this can be used in a fast way to generate inventions.

When looking at objects in our universe they are built of smaller matching objects. They belong to the bigger object, they match somehow. For organic objects you find that they match within the exterior and the object as a whole. My idea is that you can place a number on that property. A matching value.

The tool for this I imagine is something like a 3D heal section function for objects. You can try examples of the 2D heal function in GIMP (software) for images.

If you then take some size of the volume out of the object and heal that section using a 3D heal function. You will get a value how well they matched the rest of the object when comparing with the original big object. Then integrate that procedure over the whole object and you get a matching value.

Idea – Match Value

Imagination – Concept Of Not Common Sense Ideas

As an imagination exercise why not take inspiration from conservation of energy. The law implies that energy can be neither created nor be destroyed. As an alternative I wonder if energy can be created if you destroy an equal amount of energy at the same time.

Maybe you need the concept of not common sense ideas to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Maybe we have discovered what can be recognized as common sense ideas already and we should expand our intuition.

Idea – Drawing For Beginners

I’ve written before that you could use 3D models as the basis for drawing on paper. That might not be so simple as I had thought. Therefore here is another idea for you as a teacher can make. Just load a clipart or some other easy image in your image software and cut out pieces of the image. The idea is then to continue to draw and complete the image based on what’s left of the original image.

Drawing Beginners
Idea – Drawing For Beginners.

Idea – Modify Our Formats To Save The Undo History (GIMP, LibreOffice,Audacity,…)

The idea is simple. Why not add the possibility to save the undo history in our Linux software. For software like GIMP, LibreOffice or Audacity it would be much easier to just let the program keep the undo state for every project when saving. Size would be larger but the hassle of redoing stuff makes it worth it. And since one can do it like an option I don’t see a problem. There is another way but the problem with that is that you don’t know when to save. This idea solves that.

As an alternative. Maybe one could when saving the image file also save an associated file which is then the undo history.


Idea – Variable Super Slow Frame Rate Video

My idea is to take advantage of the human capacity for imagination in constructing a video compression system. Its really simple. Like a comic magazine you only need certain key images for the human imagination. My idea is similar. Take a screenshot of the important frames and keep the audio as is. Then you just show the still the frames some variable time each. This way you can get the size down of a video to just a very small amount. This is important for streaming on the mobile network. I imagine this could be very useful to make podcasts much more interesting. Streaming news and other videos that mostly use audio to pass information then becomes much easier.

Todays morning. Running Linux. Watching news and writing an idea.

Idea – Variable Super Slow Frame Rate Video. This mornings idea generation. //

Idea To Fight Poverty – Prefabricated Home With A Built In Shop Or Small Restaurant

The idea is simple. To fight poverty why not make it as easy as possible to start a business. I’m thinking we could design prefabricated homes with built in shops, small restaurants or other business spaces. I’m sure this would make it easier to start up a business since a lot of the cost is already taken care of. I’m hoping countries in Africa will pick up the store potential and perhaps also this dual purpose home idea.

Idea To Fight Poverty – Prefabricated Home With A Built In Shop Or Small Restaurant