Idea – The Online Linux Terminal Environment

The idea is simple. A problem with Windows computers at work or at friends is that I as a Linux user can’t then use my solutions for solving certain problems. They all require Linux to run. So I thought. Can’t we then have an online simulator of the Linux command line at some site. Like those online python emulators the syntax of the terminal could be simulated.

With this you could for example do and show an image batch conversion using something similar to the Imagemagick package. Also non Linux users could learn to love the terminal because it solves problems.

I think the command line syntax could work for the web in accomplishing advanced tasks that would otherwise require to much work with a graphical user interface.

site: mogrifyonline -resize 625 *.JPG

A similar idea would be to include software with a built in terminal syntax on the smartphone and tablet. Again this could solve complex tasks that are too annoying to do with lots of thumb presses.

montageWith a package like Imagemagick you really have thousands of options. Then maybe a command line syntax could compliment the usual thumb pressing way?