Idea – Should There Exist A Memory Compression Option In The Compiler?

I have very little experience in programming. My observation though is that software like Firefox takes way to much memory these days. When it does the CPU usage is also very high. Again I have very little experience but should there not exist a memory compression option that implements compression automatically when compiling software? With this I would not need compression like zram on boxes that doesn’t have Linux installed. If the compression method has many parameters maybe there is a possibility to use machine learning to get the right balance.

Another idea would be. Inspired by error-correcting code memory (ECC memory). When data corruption is not acceptable at all. For instance in financial computing. Why not use RAM compression where you use a checksum and data repair. Compressing data would also allow smaller memory devices that might not be so sensitive giving errors.

Idea – Prefabricated Houses For EU-migrant Business

The idea is simple. To help the vulnerable EU-migrants sitting in front of the stores. We could provide a cheap way for them to earn some money. Since the entrance of the store where they sit often have a parking space or some other open space connected to it. Why not put in place a small prefabricated wooden ”container” building. In this they could sell hot water for tea, coffee, hotdogs or perhaps blueberry soup for when its really cold. With several of these prefab houses maybe this could be the start of minimal cost mall together with the food store.

Idea – Prefabricated Houses For EU-migrant Business

Idea – The Online Linux Terminal Environment

The idea is simple. A problem with Windows computers at work or at friends is that I as a Linux user can’t then use my solutions for solving certain problems. They all require Linux to run. So I thought. Can’t we then have an online simulator of the Linux command line at some site. Like those online python emulators the syntax of the terminal could be simulated.

With this you could for example do and show an image batch conversion using something similar to the Imagemagick package. Also non Linux users could learn to love the terminal because it solves problems.

I think the command line syntax could work for the web in accomplishing advanced tasks that would otherwise require to much work with a graphical user interface.

site: mogrifyonline -resize 625 *.JPG

A similar idea would be to include software with a built in terminal syntax on the smartphone and tablet. Again this could solve complex tasks that are too annoying to do with lots of thumb presses.

montageWith a package like Imagemagick you really have thousands of options. Then maybe a command line syntax could compliment the usual thumb pressing way?

Idea – Prefabricated Houses For Startup Businesses?

The idea simple. As a smart aid to new businesses. Also in refugee places. Could we innovate and design something that looks inviting, is more affordable and is movable for business. Something other than brick and mortar buildings or containers. I’m thinking there has got to be a possibility to construct prefabricated houses that can be used for business. With this you get a way of testing what works in a specific area with little cost. A simple way to test the location and its market. It can then serve as information for permanent buildings for those businesses. Also for others that can’t afford the rent. This could get their startup started.

Idea – Construct prefabricated houses that can be used for business. Movable and affordable.

Idea – A Smart Linux Home Screen?

The idea is simple. The desktop home screen on Linux and Android gets cluttered after a while. Could we innovate a smart home screen? At least on Android I would like to easily hide some icons. On my current Linux distribution with the MATE desktop environment I could imagine having tabs on the desktop or a icon page selector as on Android.

Idea – A Smart Linux Home Screen?

Idea – Companies Establishing Businesses In Refugee Situations?

This is meant as food for thought. To aid the situation of refugee employment. Could we have global or local companies that are specialized in establishing businesses in refugee places? I mean should we be surprised that there exists supermarkets and barbers in some refugee camps. Maybe this is a hint of what to do. Maybe Business or Factory In A Box then becomes what it sounds like. You ship a whole or part of a business to a refugee place. The choice of business should of cause be taken so it also benefits the host country and its residents. The idea is to take advantage of the mobility of global companies to benefit the refugees. Then why not try assembly of some brand of smartphones or maybe tablets. With this in place you would have solved a bit of the unemployment issue and education by e-learning with the tablets.

Idea – Social Book Generation

The idea is to promote writing. I’m thinking there should exist a website where users can post small but big enough texts that captures the story. Not necessarily like the backside of a book. I mean enough text for you to build your imagination on. Inspired by open source it could also be a good thing to fail fast. Some ideas for books are better than others. Feedback on the small part could perhaps help you decide which of your ideas to proceed with. This will train you in creating starting ideas for books. Hopefully then with a very good idea your book will be easy to write.

Idea – Social Book Generation

Speculation – Some Abstract Thoughts About Problems

Inspired by programming. One kind of problem generation is the one you get from solving bugs. By solving one bug you could have created another. You generated another problem. I wonder if this is a general consequence that can also exist in other fields. What about evolution. My guess is that evolution has some kind of proofing ability. It would be wasteful if one evolved solution later on just created another problem. Even if that additional problem could be solved. It would be very wasteful if this process would go on indefinitely. Since optimization by trial and error is not the best solution. My guess is that evolution has evolved some kind of proof capability so that it would not have to rely to much on that feed back loop in generating solutions.

Startup Idea – Tea Inspired Box Of Many Dry Coffee Flavors

I thought why not try to invent a new idea simply by combining the ideas from different products. Here I took inspiration from tea and applied that to coffee. Since coffee is a very popular drink and choice is good. The idea is to sell many different dry coffee flavors in a box. Like tea you only need cup portions in some paper wrapping. Maybe this also solves the problem of constantly fixing coffee machines at work or at stores. Since with this idea you only need a hot water dispenser.

Startup Idea – Tea Inspired Box Of Many Dry Coffee Flavors

Idea – Stationary SIM Card Telephone For The Elderly

This idea is very very simple and cheap. Why not combine the best from stationary phones and mobile phones and create a product suited for the elderly? With a SIM card plugged in a stationary phone you can place it anywhere there is a power outlet. The phone can be made large with large buttons and there is no battery that needs to be charged. The connection is wireless and you pay a monthly fee. I believe this solves the telephone problem for a lot of older people. I mean they usually don’t carry the phone with them. They have other problems like less ability in the hands, less eye vision and hearing.

Idea – Stationary SIM Card Telephone For The Elderly

Idea – Refugee Startups?

The idea is simple. I read that it takes too long for refugees to get jobs. How can we aid the situation? Could refugees who wants to build companies and possibly generate jobs become a reality? Is there a need for a startup in smart aid to property development?