Speculation – Problems And Ideas In Simulations

As many others I imagined you could achieve greatness when I as a kid saw the Conway’s game of life. Now older looking back at the simulation. What do I think of it now.

Well the whole abstract idea maybe exemplifies some problems belonging to simulations in general.

For one thing I tried to give the simulation the starting conditions for it to “live” longer.  When I think about it. This just means that I wanted to make the simulation more interesting. I wanted to see more and more peculiar things. Speculating about things that  could make the simulation more interesting. Could the simulation take advantage of randomness to revitalize itself? Could the objects in the simulation be equipped with sensors and an idea of survival. So maybe from the problems arising in simulations you get a concept of “interesting”.

You can derive many things from this by a comparison of problems existing in other fields. For instance. Big bang together with determinism seems to me be a very naive idea. I mean how could you set the starting conditions for the unfolding to be interesting for such a long time.