Philosophical – Freewill

A post for the possible existence of human freewill

Even if absolute freewill is impossible. Nature can simulate it. Meaning that we need not look at an absolute perfect version of freewill. Just one that can improve, change or evolve. This means we are looking for a practical freewill system that helps make choices that are somewhat efficient. A system that makes choices coincide or at least not go against your will. Since otherwise it will be very inefficient.

Where does freewill come from?

Humans can act upon information. That doesn’t mean I think we all would behave ideally. This because its a difficult problem to generate good information to act upon. But its probably better to rely on your own generated information then to always be dependable on what the outside world will give you.

A guess. Everything that can be recognized can also be generated

I therefore wonder if the choices we make growing up are evaluated. If they are then its possible to classify them into groups under some circumstances. I’m sure there there will be a group that we can say are examples of human freewill. Since the neural net can recognize these type of choices then it can generate them as well.

What about the illusion of free will?

Because you can recognize the feeling of freewill. Your brain can use this feeling as the target for your neural network (similar to a machine learning target). If  your actions then helps generate this feeling over a longer period of time. Then you can say that your actions follows your will and there is no illusion. Possibly you need to generate the “idle” state in the brain also with the freewill feeling as a target.

Free will despite all kinds of resistance