Idea – Empower Refugees With Smart Markets


Feel free to modify or just take inspiration from this idea. To empower refugees why not give them the opportunity to create a market for their products. Here they could use todays modern tools to enhance the traditional market. For instance one could with little money create a wifi web server with software that would make this market more consumer friendly. The costumer could get various information this way. What products are the most popular at the moment and possibly get sms notifications for when the products they requested are available. Here maybe one could make delayed deals. A notification is sent later if the seller accepted the bargained price. I think you can do the same for time of the day dependent prices also. Here you could send a notification when the price of the products which the buyers are interested in have gone down. The idea is that the product sellers collaborate trough the software so that the consumers only have to connect to one of a few servers but still be able to access all the sellers. You would not need the Internet for this to work. The smartphone can connect to a wifi webserver without the Internet. Even if the market would not cost millions of dollars the virtual space created in the phone could be quite advance.