Idea – Prepare The Brain By Guessing In Advance

The idea is simple. When watching science videos or other educational videos. Pause the video and make a guess of what the conclusions will be or something about the findings. I then assume that if your guess is accurate then there is a chance that the closely related additional guesses you made could also be true. With this you get information that you then can do research about. Otherwise if it does not coincide you get critical thinking.

Pause the video to make guesses. Then resume and compare.
Pause the video to make guesses. Then resume and compare.

Idea – The Educational Magazine

Since schoolbooks can be kind of dry and boring. I thought. Why not create a magazine series around the subjects. Here you can split the theory of the book into a number of magazines. I don’t know if it should be like a comic book but it could be enhanced with videos and conversations in podcast form to make it more fun. I think this could be a way to get adapted learning. Where students can select among many magazines that are more or less advanced. These magazines are not meant to be a replacement for the traditional books.

Idea – Card Terminal That Also Speaks The Amount

This idea is simple. Why not have card terminals that outputs an audio version of the text. For those who have trouble seeing I believe at least the amount should be spoken to them in those high quality computer voices. I think it will also catch some errors where for instance some extra zeros has been added.

Card Terminal That Also Speaks The Amount


Idea – Build Yourself a Linux Laptop?

Inspired by Raspberry Pi laptop kits.

I think we can give valuable computer knowledge to the young if there exists laptops kits which they can put together. Similar to stationary computers. They would select among different hardware. Since we have mini PC’s (the Raspberry Pi) which do not require a fan and are very small the construction should become easier. Maybe one could select among different small plugin boards with different CPU’s and memory. If you can get a powerful enough laptop by todays standards I think it could become something popular. Since this is about knowledge the computers should of course run different Linux flavors by default.

Idea – Online Backup Jobs And Education In Emergency Settings

I wonder if this strategy or something similar could work. With free online education I believe its possible for a lot of people to get the education needed to begin an online job. The idea is then that people can continue or begin a new job with some help even if they become a refugee or move to a different country. If this idea works it will be a win-win for both the refugees and the hosting countries. In any case more ideas for online jobs are needed.

Idea – Fire Prevention For Poor Areas?

Too often I read about yet another fire in the poorest areas. Looking at forest fire protection solutions. I thought. Why not have a tall pole with a camera on top? With this they could monitor the area both day and night. I hope something like this could prevent these fires.

After a fire in an informal settlement in the Philippines