Idea – The Digital Alternating Battery

My idea is pretty simple. Just by changing the name of an existing battery from a direct current battery to an alternating battery. I wondered, what would an alternating battery mean?

Now an alternating current battery might not make much sense. However after seeing the below image showing the current density in a particular battery. I thought why not make the current density more even over time across the surface.

Maybe one solution would be to use one or more extra pairs of plus and minus which you then let an electronic switch alternate between. Those pairs are connected at smart locations around the battery so you get a more even distribution over time. However only a single pair is active at one time.



Simplified image of a current density plot found at



Another example battery showing an active pair in red and a pair in black. The second pair is activated after the first.

The idea is that an electronic switch alternates between the different pairs. Creating a more even current density in the battery over time during discharge and possibly charging. The optimal time between active pairs is something I don’t know though.


/ The Digital Alternating Battery an idea by Per Lindholm