Idea – Free International Curriculum For Tablets

Here I’m going to argue for what I believe is an unused potential from a free international curriculum. The content would include a mix of videos, audio and books and cover lessons from the whole primary and secondary school years. The potential then comes from the equal chance everyone can have at improving their education. From adult learners that have missed out on education to refugees who can not go to school. The content should have an appropriate creative commons license so that it can be improved upon and translated. You should be able to have the content running without an internet connection. Because the offline option increases greatly the number of places where the curriculum can be deployed or reduces the cost of internet traffic. Even if there is a national curricula an international curricula with the best teachers could benefit the student greatly. For instance one can have web sites where students can pose their questions any time of the day. Here many people have the exact knowledge of the international curricula.