Idea – Free International Curriculum For Tablets

Here I’m going to argue for what I believe is an unused potential from a free international curriculum. The content would include a mix of videos, audio and books and cover lessons from the whole primary and secondary school years. The potential then comes from the equal chance everyone can have at improving their education. From adult learners that have missed out on education to refugees who can not go to school. The content should have an appropriate creative commons license so that it can be improved upon and translated. You should be able to have the content running without an internet connection. Because the offline option increases greatly the number of places where the curriculum can be deployed or reduces the cost of internet traffic. Even if there is a national curricula an international curricula with the best teachers could benefit the student greatly. For instance one can have web sites where students can pose their questions any time of the day. Here many people have the exact knowledge of the international curricula.


3D assisted drawing

Have just tested an idea to make drawing easier. Basically I used the 3D software Blender to make a simple model of what I was going to draw. The model as in the screenshot below consists only of primitives and is very crude. First I thought of using an armature in the software but this was unnecessary. Just move and rotate the various body parts. Since I’m not trained at all in drawing I just put a piece of paper over screen and begin following contours. Then it was easy just to correct the drawing.


Blender 3D assisted sketch of the dino.




Idea – Turn On Marked Words Or Sentences In Texts

Underlining or marking text is something you usually do for a test. However I thought why not take advantage of this for ordinary text on the Internet.  E-books, news and blogs. Here there is no problem of having both a plain black text version or one that has markings.

The idea is then to let the author mark key words or sentences that are important. Then the reader can turn on those markings optionally . To get a faster overview or to help him remember better.

A related idea would be to let the reader turn on and off the color of the in-text hyperlinks in wikipedia articles. Otherwise it would look distracting when reading.

Idea – Solar And Internet Powered Distance Work Facilities

Inspired by solar powered schools maybe there should be something similar like a solar powered distance work facility. I wrote about such buildings in a previous blog post, . Here people can take on various distance jobs over the Internet. Since there is more focus on programming in school these days. Maybe teaching programming online could work. I thought it might be a good idea if such an opportunity could be offered to refugees.

It so happens that there is a MOOC course on starting on October 6 that could help. The name of the course is ”Programming for Everybody (Python)”. As the author Charles Severance points out. One of his goals is to teach you how to teach. The material is also available under a creative commons license on .