Idea – Simple Feedback For Articles

Like the time feedback in There could exist something similar for text. Here the idea is to make it easy for the reader to respond to your writing. They could do this by scoring individual key sentences or paragraphs. Here they don’t need to write exactly what is wrong with the sentence. They could just score it based on their feeling. Say a score zero to ten from strongly disagree to agree. It would be interesting to see what you could do with the collected results. I assume some misunderstandings could be cleared up. The advantage is that the readers could participate in the creation of the text even when the author don’t want to handle bad comments.



Guessing Innovation

In this blog post I’m going to present some example guesses of innovation using the technique described in ‘Innovation from a Google Search String’.

I will start with the clock. Rewriting the invention to mean a point clock. A point clock is what I mean by a ordinary clock. It measures time at a point in space. I can then change the first word to get 3D clock. Then I will guess if a 3D clock makes some sense. If you have a number of very good clocks maybe there is the possibility that they will diverge from each other. If there is some disturbance that makes the clock show different time. So a 3D clock could be a number of very accurate clocks placed in a lattice waiting to detect a disturbance and its shape.

Similarly I’m going to try to innovate boiling. Looking at a water boiler and stove I can see that ordinary boiling means heating from a surface. Rewriting boiling to mean 2D boiling. I just change that to 3D boiling. 3D could mean that there are a lot of heating points scattered throughout the water. Could I then heat the water more rapidly by using many hot air bubbles or hot water vapor bubbles?


Idea – Cheap Solar Powered Plastic Fridge?

With the development of solar power there are new ultra efficient products available. However those are not always affordable for those who really need them. As an attempt to better the living standards for a lot of people. Is it possible to develop a lightweight but durable cheap cooling container made with plastic? I think it makes sense because second hand refrigerators could be harmful to the environment.


Innovation From A Google Search String

I think I found an easy way to think about innovations. All inventions have names that describe them. If the names were very complicated and long or unique then you would not be able to shortcut innovation. However this is not the case. Many inventions can be described with just a couple of words. Take the microwave oven. Just add or change the words to something that could work. Like a “fan-assisted oven”.

What has this to do with the Google search string? The way it is constructed. You find what you want by searching using just a few words, not complete sentences. After some practice you can start making predictions. Change a series of words describing an invention and see if that has already been discovered.

It does not have to be inventions. Innovation could be about other things. Like types of strategies.

Rewriting strategy to  mean “human strategies”. I can guess the following just changing the first word to mean all living organisms.

I assume then that for any living organism to survive in this complex world it has got an evolved strategy. Then the success of this organism would depend on how well the strategy works and how close to the strategy you are.

Idea – Future Evolution of the Solar Lantern

There are many different solutions and features included for solar powered lights these days. Some of them include a radio but most include the usual cell phone charger and the LED lights. One of the most promising feature though I believe would be the development of a combined solar lantern and a wifi hotspot. The idea was to have a connection to the Internet by 3G. To this idea I would like to add the possibility of offline content. What if you can fit the whole school curriculum in the form of a digital content server onto these lanterns or solar kits. Streaming videos would be done by wifi directly from the device. No Internet required. With this you get the IT benefits right away before there is a Internet connection available in your price range. Another idea would be to have a wifi TV server. Where the device picks up the TV signal and streams the channels over the wifi to your phone or tablet.

On a further note. I believe one can make something of an emergency communications station with the solar wifi lantern. Inspired by the goTenna. It should be possible to add a low frequency long range antenna to the lantern and connect it to the phone through wifi. Communication is done with text messages on a built in web server. With this you should be able to connect two or more lanterns from friends and family and also get information from the government.