Energy Idea – Water As Complex Network Energy Problem?

If there is a difference between re-assembled water and old ?experienced water. The difference between formation of water from hydrogen and oxygen and water that has been around for millions of years. There might be an energy source here somewhere.

It could be the water has abilities to handle different situations. Perhaps this could be used to extract energy. Like the long iteration for the planet to get perfected water you ?could extract energy in a reverse iteration process. Changing parameters like pressure from low to high. Changing ?dissolve materials.

If water is able to handle different situations then this water knowledge is stored as some kind of energy. Millions of years of small energy contributions could then be extracted.

Water is then like a complex network computer that solves many problems. Then energy is ?stored someway in a complex way. Since re-assembled water is not equally good.

Some Thoughts – A GAN Network To Color A BW Photo?

?Since a GAN network can distinguish between real and fake images. It ?should be able to tell and improve a black and white photo to color photo.

I was thinking you use a pair of images. Take a BW version of the image and you get a color BW pair. Then somehow you generate a color version of the target BW photo and let a discriminator tell which of the pair is fake or real.

The idea is that this will result in a photo realistic color image of the BW photo.

Peace Idea – Could Smartphone VR Headset Visualization Be Used To Share And Vote For Palestine Cities Of Peace?

With smart phone VR there is an easy way to get people involved in the peace process. For example. It would be possible to create many different Palestine Cities Of Peace in Blender 3D. Visualize it to everyone with access to a cheap VR headset and a smartphone.

Then the most up voted city versions get to be the target vision?

Super Battery Idea – Magnetic Field Lines With Iron Filings And Using Ai-Thesaurus As Inspiration For A Layered Battery?

Thinking in AI terms. Looking at standard battery with its rolled layers I wonder. Could you get inspired by the magnetic field lines of a magnet and some iron Filings.

I admit its kind of weak connection but in the mind of an AI I imagine it doesn’t matter.

So the magnetic field lines create layers of some kind. This should be important.


Food Recipe – Pre Boiled Rice In The Pancake

I will remember this food if there is a food shortage.

The recipe is simple.

2 eggs, 2 dl of flower, 4 dl of milk, butter, and some small amount of already boiled rice.

First create pancake mix than add the boiled leftover rice. Fry it like a pancake and its finished.

Not your everyday food. But good to know if there is a food shortage.

Speculation Machine Learning Physics – Reverse Entropy Change

If energy can be recognized in the machine learning sense then its imagination can be directed with physical laws as the target. That is. Energy ?is directed imagination.

If energy is just directed imagination then it would be possible to reverse events that seems irreversible.

Since you can use a Generative Adversarial Network, GAN to differentiate between fake/real images and photos. It would be possible to tell if a generated state transition or movement is real or fake. Just two images. Do they look real and do the belong to each other in time.

Then I don’t see a problem with reversing an event in time. Some kind of reverse entropy change.

Idé – Enklare Tiny House Some Studerabostad – Få Hemlösa Ungdomar I Utbildning Samt Jobb

Varför ska en stor del av CSN lånet gå till hyra? En bättre idé vore att låta hemlösa ungdomar hjälpa till och bygga enklare Tiny Houses i Amerikansk stil. Utrusta den enklare stugan med Internet och personen ?ska kunna läsa och repetera gymnasie kurser och sedan få tillgång till en högskole plats.

Sedan kan studerabostaden model enklare Tiny House säljas för att sedan köpa en bil. Så att dom inte hamnar i moment alldeles för svårt. Inget jobb inget körkort.

Creative Math Inspiration – How many Matches Does It Take To Create 30 Squares?

To get creative you got to get rid of all that is understood without it being written. So first write the problem more precise and then make alterations.

So begin by rewriting the assignment to an easier version.

So the question rewritten becomes. How many matches does it take to create 30 separable squares?

Separable here ?meaning that is should exist on its own and in a group.

So varying this extra word. Does it exist something that is half separable. Like life can exist in space only it takes with it a smaller life support system. So there exist objects that exist and is working (alive) only it has access to another set of objects.

Warm Blooded Battery Idea – Hollow Battery Cylinder For Cooling And Heating?

I was thinking about water and ice. Since ice when it melts looks like some kind of 3D printed structure. I wondered. What inventions have a 3D printed ice structure? A 3D printed refrigerator maybe.

Then out of nowhere. Could a battery cylinder with a hole in the middle regulate its temperature much more efficient? Like a warm blooded battery perhaps. Instead of regulating the outside. You can just heat or chill from the inside. Should give a more even result.

Electric Car Battery – Imaginative Algorithm That Generates 3D Printable Plastic Acid Battery?

You can use power guesses to put meaning on things. For example. There exist plastic that withstands acid and acid batteries are probable inventions. So simulating AI thinking in your mind. You make the guess that plastics belong to acid and then batteries.

Another observation is that new manufacturing techniques could improve or make possible new inventions of old inventions.

So looking at the square car acid battery. Old tech. I assume it can be improved by plastic 3D printing and machine learning algorithms. That is. You generate an imaginative (?GAN) battery that has much better performance and capacity.

I don’t know what it would look like but perhaps something like those 3D printed thread thin plastic fantasy models. The idea is that acid ?generally wants to dissolve and if the plastic looks like is about to dissolve then that dissolve shape is probably an important structure.

I think this could lead to much better efficiency since you adapt the battery to the materials natural whishes or flow.

So inspired by this I hope there is enough imagination to get the next generation algorithmic batteries.

Free inspiration for battery inventions

Water Preserving Question – Does A Healthy Living Lake Preserve Its Freshwater?

Water is important to life. Freshwater lakes in particular need to preserve its water. I therefor wonder if fish and plant life could create something of a machine learned algorithmic system to preserve its water.

I assume it could be some physical reason but I suspect life systems are the best longterm solution. One reason for this is that there exist storage treatment. Keeping the life and water in the lake healthy.

One guess could be that evaporation is a complex process. So that in order to alter it you need a complex life system. Water dissolves many things so maybe water evaporation reduction is connected to this.

So to make a summarization guess. Complex dissolve. Keeping the water closer to the dissolve truth than to the evaporation truth.

So the idea is to see if a freshwater lake of some size could be created as a water storage.

Public Support Idea – Pay What You Want Monthly Amount To Get As Many Researches And Engineers Trained While Working On Batteries, Small Desalination, Electric Cars ?

Training researchers and engineers while working on challenges takes money. So why could not the public choose to pay a monthly amount. A pay what you want kind of support. Many small contributions could still make a probability difference if it amounts to a large number of engineers and researchers.

I think its that important. Like ?300kr/month or something.

Thoughts Of Singularity – So When Facing A Singularity You ?Assume A New Object

When I think of a singularity I think something ?yet to be defined. Like the old map of a spherical object earth. Historically we got a not perfect plane map. Some adjustments needed to be done. This process of mapping the earth to a better map is what I would call the reason for singularities.

It could be a problem of prediction. Its important in generating better objects like a map.

So when facing a singularity you ?assume a new object.


Homeless Innovation – Preemptive Investments For People Within Risk Groups Of Becoming Homeless?

There exists risk groups of becoming homeless. Some diagnosis, disability, drug addiction or something else. I wonder. Would it not be smart to be prepared. I mean. Maybe its possible to do preemptive investments.

One scheme would be if there exists a way to invest in a tiny house on wheels. Because of the ?low rent. That is. Make investments before the unfortunate event happens.

This way you have backup. In the event of becoming homeless.

Innovate For The Homeless In Russia – Do Good To Everyone And Their Is A Higher Chance You Receive Goodness

I think one can innovate for every country so why not for Russia. I mean it could be the best invested money to achieve peace.

Looking at the US and Sweden people have the similar problems everywhere. So I thought why not start to innovate for the homeless and veterans in Russia.

Its not so hard. A Tiny House is not a big deal.